In Vyrus we combined the creativity of Yutaka Igarashi and craftsmanship of Sam Matthews to realize the extravagant but extremely reactional of the 986 M2. Our sport bike contains highly technological content and aerodynamic concepts to match the performances at Vyrus style as many years, our laboratory offers its customers.

The 986 M2 is the only approved bike between racing bikes and is built with technologies actually used in competitions. It is not a simple copy “industrialized”, is not the usual replicas of bikes used in racing. It ‘s same as race bike but equipped with arrows and lateral stand ….

The 986 M2 is also available as a kit. The customer can purchase a version of the frame with suspension and bodywork to fit his own motor Honda CBR 600 RR and then he can use it on track for sporty driving or for Moto2 races

Vyrus is cutting-edge!

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