VYRUS 986 M2



The need to create a real racing bike to compare our steering system to traditional motorcycles gave birth to the project 986. The need to understand also what ‘is the potential.

The entire motorcycling world has focused his efforts in one direction: the fork. In every corner of the earth there is someone who uses a fork and provides data and information to the entire motorcycle industry. progress and improve of development… for over 100 years!

The Vyrus laboratory has created a vehicle with a steering system and a totally revolutionary chassis technology. The history of Vyrus system comes now, a blank page on which to write a new experience, a fascinating adventure and an ambitious challenge …

that’s 986 M2!

At the start the results are excellent and performance are extraordinary. Given the total lack of feedback, even having traveled a few laps on the track with the others is already an unexpected result but also maintain a minimum gap to the front was a victory for us and a great satisfaction. And why not create a replica for road use? We made it!

The 986 M2 is both a racing bike and an homologated motorcycle with license plate for road use but also a collector’s treat, since are produced only 50 units.
The customer can choose to build one with its engine of a donor Honda CBR 600 RR, because we supply a kit prepared for the processing, or we supply all made to measure. According to Vyrus philosophy, there is a range of accessories to decorate the bike of dreams and adapt to the client’s taste.


The function creates the Design!

The 986 comes to life, an original style, new forms and design fantasy that supports the function!


Vyrus is innovation and technology.

Front Racing Caliper

Brembo produces the highest quality components and performance, derived from the enormous accumulated wealth of experience in both years of intense competitive activity is a continuous R & D. The entire range of Brembo racing calipers is available to further enhance the performance of 986 M2

Rear Racing Caliper

A vanguard design that ensure a slight caliper body, compact and with high stiffness values, while the careful design of the hydraulic components reinforces the characteristics of power and ease of control that have always distinguished Brembo calipers

High Performance Shock Absorber

The technology has brought bikes and riders to the podium and to the winners many times…

Hydroforming Exhaust

Is not only the name of a new line of exhausts, it is something that goes beyond the rules to get where, until now, only the imagination had dared to go

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